Helen Maria Keenan


Helen is a multidisciplinary performer and theatre maker with a background in physical theatre, acting and dance. She graduated from a master’s degree in Dance Performance and Choreography in the UK in 2019, where she created a series of dance theatre pieces that focused on merging the mediums of text, dance and technology, with specific investigations into, and use of projection mapping and visual effects using interactive software such as Isadora. 

Helen has a passion to create innovative, high octane performance that inspires, educates and excites, while interrogating and challenging the status quo, shining a light on both Irish history, and keeping on top of the pulse of social and political issues not only relating to Ireland alone, but the human condition as a collective.

A series of opportunities and supports recieved in 2020 and 2021, including a Shawbrook Dance Residency, Launch Pad Award, Dance Ireland Residency and Bursary, Exploring and Thinking Bursary and R&D funding from Cavan coco is enabling Helen to develop and expand her practice greatly. 

Having had a significant (7 year!) break in her performance training and career before embarking on her MA, due to prolonged injury, Helen developed a strong interest in somatic practice and inclusive teaching. Throughout this period, Helen spent time as a choreographer for inclusive community theatre group in Dublin (funded by Downs Syndrome Ireland), teaching dance, drama and yoga to special needs communities in Dublin, (in both community and school settings), before expanding her teaching skills in drama and dance for SEN schools and organisations such as Enable Ability in the UK. 

Having stepped down from teaching in this capacity, Helen is now delighted to be focusing on her passion for professional performance and theatre making, continuing her research and developing new works.